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In the course of reviewing new information and/or reviewing the text of the biography  we have come across both errors and typos that we want to point out for readers in these Foo Bio Erratum notices that will be posted as we come across new information or errors.


1.  Names are particularly problematic when dealing with records from this period. Often early on there was no standard spelling for the romanization of Chinese names and the performers sometimes used multiple Chinese names. Reporting standards with newspapers and even government documents of the time also added to the confusion. 

All to say, having reviewed material and records from the time the name “Hai Quai” should be attributed to Foo’s son during the troupe’s first tour of the US. In the book we have incorrectly attributed it to Foo’s wife. The woman described as Foo’s wife was sometimes referred to in several instances as Too Szi or Ching Too Szi. Part of the confusion stems from the mix up in names with “Harry Foo” as the comedic juggler who travelled with the troupe was known.

2. This next name issue is a straight typo that was never corrected. William Robinson’s “wife” Dot Robinson’s stage name was “Suee Seen” not “Suee Suan” as occurs six times in the book.